On Equal Terms: Gender and Solidarity


Creative team

Susan Eisenberg: Curator/Researcher/Artist

Harlo Holmes: Technical Lead

Ashlee Rothfuss: Graphic Designer

Jonathan Butterick: Developer

Devi Acharya: Assistant to Curator


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On Equal Terms Project

Women’s Studies Research Center

Brandeis University

515 South Street, MS – 079

Waltham, MA 02454-9110

Susan Eisenberg, Director

As an Affiliated Program of the Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center, donations to the On Equal Terms Project are tax-deductible.


On Equal Terms: gender and solidarity is re-imagined and expanded from the touring mixed media art installation On Equal Terms that Susan Eisenberg created working with art preparator Jack Fahey. Grateful thanks to sponsors, crews, and viewers of full exhibitions at the Kniznick Gallery, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, 2008; Adams Gallery, Suffolk University, Boston, MA, 2009; Smithsonian-affiliated Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, MI, 2012; Clemente Soto Velez Center, New York, NY, 2013; AFL-CIO, Washington D.C., 2019.

Generous supporters

Twink Frey Visiting Social Activist Program at the U-Michigan Center for the Education of Women
Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center
Brandeis University
21st Century ILGWU Heritage Fund
J&M Brown Co, Cynthia Berenson, Estelle Disch, Nancy Mason, and Theresa Spurling-Wood.
Angela Olszewski and Karen Targove In memory of Martha Baker
This program is funded in part by Mass Humanities

Special Thanks

Special thanks to all the women of We’ll Call You, Patricia Reeve, Team Trouble, Katherine Kish Sklar, the many previewers who gave such helpful feedback, and Jack Fahey.

Credits by Room


Special thanks to Harlo Holmes—photography; T.W. Li and Video Parachute/Chicago—editing; J&M.Brown Co—location; and Martha Matlaw—Stella’s transport. Jack Fahey—presente!

Diamond Hardhats

Special thanks to Carolyn Williams and IBEW; Debbie Goodwin and Boilermakers; Vicki O’Leary and Iron Workers; and an international grassroots movement of tradeswomen.

Women featured (starting upper left & clockwise):

BOILERMAKERS: Hilary Peach (359), April Littleman (4), Suzanne Powers Donahue (11), Catherine Duguay (146); Michelle Nagle (2), Amanda Green (29)
ELECTRICIANS: Cecile Bamer, ————, ————, Andrea Lutz, Kay Anderson, ————
IRON WORKERS: Shannon Russell (433), Rayne Lorraine (86), Anne Martin (29), Thia Tomashich (10), Ambra Melendez (361), Sarah Mahoney (1)
PLUMBERS & FITTERS: Doreen Cannon (55), Stephanie Hillier, Peg Costello, Judaline Cassidy, Lily Preciado (38), Andrea Keeler (55)

Listening Room

All Listening Room audio ©Susan Eisenberg

Audio Editing: Devi Acharya and Harlo Holmes
Special thanks to Tim Wright and Natalia Wiater

Breaking In, Path-Blockers and Supporters, Family, Passions
Recounters: Lorraine Bertosa, Cheryl Camp, Sara Driscoll, Gloria Flowers, Deb Williams Gilcoine, Bernadette Gross, Melinda Hernadez, Donna Hammond, Paulette Jourdan, Donna Levitt, Cynthia Long, Randy Loomans, Nancy Mason, Diane Maurer, Mary Michels, Karen Pollack, Irene Soloway, Diana Suckiel, Kathy Walsh, Helen Vozenilek, Gayann Wilkinson, Marge Wood
in excerpts from Susan Eisenberg’s interviews for
We’ll Call You If We Need You: Experiences of Women Working Construction

Susan Eisenberg reading poems from
Stanley’s Girl and Pioneering
recorded by Devi Acharya

Like the original installation, the online exhibition draws on a grassroots movement of tradeswomen, independent research, and material from these Cornell UP BOOKS: